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Meet Lauren

Lauren, 25

Little old North Carolina, born and bred. And I just love it. My husband, Cody, and I have been stationed out West, he is in the Navy. We spend our days with our two goofy, big-eared dogs, Naga and Grendel. You got your standard snugglers and adventurers on your hands with us, we love our home and days spent happily camped up inside but we also enjoy exploring, mostly by way of off-roading. What a treat, that off-roading is, if you haven't, you should!

A Few Things About Me:

1. One of the nicest things any one has ever told me was that I had an old soul with the heart of a child

2. In Kindergarten when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up the teacher got “a mermaid or a falling star catcher” (I apparently had no context of conventional jobs… or mermaids). What's even better is that my now Husband called me his mermaid, when we first started dating. He is my sailor and I am his mermaid, he did this well before he even knew of my innate love of mermaids and adventurous career choice (if only). So you may see me lovingly (aka longingly, hardy-har) sign off that way

3. I love for my hair to be played with. And on that note, dry shampoo advocate!

4. Cody and I met in middle school and liked each other then. Ten years later, he found me and here we are. He is a real gem, y’all

5. I love sweet tea and biscuits. I’m a southerner through and through (honestly, it used to embarrass me a little but now I have a great big soft spot for the place that made me)

6. Booties, boots, flats, you name it! But no flip flops. Ever

7. I am terribly sentimental, coming at you live from cheesytown USA. A huge sap, you could give me a bag of dirt and tell me how much it reminds you of me and I’d probably put it on my mantle (if I had a mantle)

8. I try bananas every year in hopes that my taste buds have changed their mind. Still waiting.

9. Christmas music is a year-round thing right? Why not spruce up your fourth of July fireworks with “It's the best time of the year , I don't know if there'll be snow, But have a cup of cheer”!

10. I grew up on my grandparent's farm, with all the usual suspects: cows, horses, and chickens. It’s one of my favorite places
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