Two convivial girls with a shared love of a surprising amount of things including fashion, makeup, traveling, and more!

Meet Mallory

Mallory, 27

I am currently living in beautiful Durham, NC with my wonderfully amazing husband, Travis, our 2 pups, Bambam and Hok'ee, and our blind cat, Keller. I am an avid coffee drinker and adventurer. When I am not working, I am cooking, decorating, making some sort of craft, frolicking outside with our animals, or on some wild adventure.

A Few Things About Me:

1. I love flowers, and in my next life I plan to be a florist

2. My husband and I have 2 completely different stories on how we met

3. Vegetarian and proud!

4. I could eat Mexican/Tex-Mex every day for the rest of my life!

5. I am a bit obsessed with stationary

6. I love tattoos, and I have a few myself. I think they are a beautiful form of self-expression

7. As a kid, I wanted to own a farm and save all animals in shelters (yes, every single one) and let them live on my farm

8. I was a double-major in college: French and Psychology

9. I love makeup, it is my weakness; I am literally always adding to my collection - you can never have enough, right?!

10. I am 5'11". Not very exciting, but its a fact
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